Prototype ROM
Owner and dumper unknown.

As many classic gamers say when they look at this ROM, I now say the exact same thing.


Now, this lousy little demo's dumping is quite appreciated, however, its just one sign of how deceptive some of the classic companies were in the marketing of their games - and also why none of them exist today.
This particular game was advertized in many different places - magazines, trade shows, pack-in inserts, and other places. This was to be a battery-backed role-playing game for the Colecovision. However, despite this advertizing, it turns out the screenshots of the game were merely mockups and the only real code for the game (that has been discovered thus far) is thiis ROM - which loads the ADAM BIOS, displays an animated title screen, and resets. There is no game here... just more lies from a pre-crash game maker.
It's not like video game companies never do this anymore, but this is no longer a common practice to advertize mock-ups and demos as the finished product. Personally, I guess I am still a little bit jaded, considering the mockups of this game looked -really- cool back in the day, and it turns out it was just another unfulfiled promise by a company around the time of the Crash...

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