Resources and Links Page          For those in the industry, this is an advantageous organization to participate in. Good resource.

   17 Countries by Eurail Pass
     Given the subject matter of this site,
we would be remiss not
     to include the EurailPass link. In the starving student epoch
     of his life, the author of this site made his obligatory pilgrimage
     throughout Europe using this pass.     Inexpensive and flexible.             If you're interested in Chicago's "L" and subway system, this is an excellent resource.

    CIA World Fact Book on World Wide Railroad Usage by Country   Self-explanatory reference

    Unlock a hidden asset.
      If you've ever found yourself accumulating a lot of mileage from the airlines,
      but not quite enough to qualify for a free ticket, you may find this link useful.                   
  An excellent resource on the Chicago, North Shore & Milwaukee Interurban Railroad     
                                                     Northwestern University's Transportation Center Library

    Illinois Railcar, L.L.C. - Performed the Renovation of the Cars (Unfinished)

    Transit Rider Website        Good collection of transit oriented resources

       Useful Reference Sites on a Wide Spectrum of Scientific Disciplines (Non-Railroad)

    Comprehensive Physics & Scientific Reference Site - Georgia State University   There's a lot of useful material here

    Unit Conversion Calculator            Handy conversion tables; put a value in one field and the conversion is calculated

    An even greater unit conversion calculator                      Has many more items to calculate    Leave the old high school textbook on the shelf, with these                                                                                                                                   handy everyday formulas you thought you'd never use outside
                                                                                                                 of the classroom. Guess what? You did need them, after all.

   Electric Motor and Transformer Formulas                          Handy electrical fundamentals you forgot, once you left the                                                                                                                                  classroom

Useful Reference Sites on Alternative Energy

   Build Your Own Portable Generator            Home brew power -  build your own generator on the cheap
   Yet Even More Generator Designs               Updates on the above
   Emergency Preparedness                              Interesting site, which covers above, plus more on food,
                                                                                       water, lighting, first aid, etc. above

     Photo Voltaic (PV)

   Solar System Incentives, by State              Self-explanatory
   Useful E-books on Sunshine to Dollars      Self-explanatory
   Single Crystalline Solar Cells                        Explains technical details of the differences between types of cells
   Energy Conversion Devices Inc                  This clever company developed flexible solar cell sheets in rolls,
                                                                                      doubling as roofing

     Organizations and Resources

   Center for Neighborhood Technology       Resouceful organization for anyone interested in alternative energy

Survival (Just in case...)

  Dehydrated Food and Storage                     I found this on the way to looking for powdered cheese for my popcorn


Useful Reference Sites on Electric and Hybrid Vehicles (Coming Soon)

Useful Reference Sites on Foreign Railroads

   Indian Railroads                                               Unofficial website of India's railroads
   Iranian Railroads                                             Some detail on Iran's railroads
   Jamaica Railways Revitalisation Study   Interesting study on a little known railroad
   Middle Eastern Railways                               Site encompassing many railroads in the region
   Pakistan Railways                                           Some detail on Pakistan's railroads

      Useful U.S. Government Sites (Coming Soon)

Useful Scam Detection Sites                                        Cyber Museum of Scams and Frauds

     Useful Motor Vehicle and Related Sites

   Mattracks Conversion Systems -
     All-Terrain Rubber Tracks For 4X4s
    Trouble with louts in SUVs looming in your                                                                                                                                                                    rear view mirror? This'll show 'em...
                                                                                   Put these on your Volvo.

     Useful Miscellanous Sites
   Wireless Tower Location Mapper            Fed up with enthusiastic coverage claims of cell phone carriers?
                                                                                  Here's how to believe, but verify... tower locations all over the US

   Private Motor Coaches & Charter           Using or operating private railroad cars too much of a hassle with
                                                                                  Amtrak? Consider the private bus...

     Recreational Railroading Sites

   Grand Scales Quarterly Magazine          7 1/2" Large Scale Model Railroading

As the author of this page now has a young nephew (four years of age), it's now time to start thinking of worthwhile gifts. Standing out from the thicket of useless gadgetry and non-enduring value, we believe the next links qualify as worthwhile:

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