Coach Configurations


Though the cars are presently configured in high density commuter type seating, on specification, we can also reconfigure the car into:


      an intercity coach, with reclining seats, tray tables and laptop outlets












Pictured above is one of the bilevel coaches experimentally equipped with such seating.


      First class coach, with large, reclining leather or cloth seats, equivalent to airline first class seating





















Since the cars comprise two separate sections, divided by a vestibule located in the center (see car plans), any car can be configured into a combination of first class seating, standard intercity coach seating, as shown on the previous page or commuter density seating.


It is also possible to configure these cars for snack bar/food service and/or lounge seating in one section (one-half) or the entire car.


In addition, we will offer choices of interior colors, carpeting and seat fabric to specification. All seats, fabric, carpeting and paint will conform to FRA/DOT requirements, with respect to flammability and toxicity requirements.