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Bilevel Cars in Service in San Francisco on Caltrain  - (Click on Photo to Enter Site)

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If you've reached this page, you are among those contacted to view rolling stock, which we are making available for service in 2004.
These cars:
1) Will enable "quick-starts" for demonstration commuter operation
2) Will accelerate the development of a commuter rail system (Delivery time for rolling stock is often 2 - 3 years and is a far more expensive option)
3) Are perfect for short-to-medium distance intercity market, as seating configurations and density can easily be tailored to the market served.
Though these cars are presently configured as high-density coaches, it is a simple affair to convert them to a food service and/or lounge, parlor or specialized use car.
4) Are flexible to operate, due to their "push-pull" capability
5) Are simple and inexpensive to maintain, due to their Amtrak-compatible 480 volt AC power and standard "off-the-shelf" components
6) Are also appropriate for the recreational railroad excursion market. Their high capacity (155 to 169), allows an operator to profit, because less cars are required to provide the seats necessary to make a trip financially successful.
Bilevel cars are popular with families. Children, in particular, enjoy these cars, because they have two levels, which affords them the opportunity to "explore".

For parents taking their children on a "train trip", diversions like these can be welcome. As families represent a large percentage of the excursion market, this attribute is another point in their favor.

We are offering four types of bilevel gallery cars:
    Cab Control Cars built by Pullman Standard Car Company
    Coaches built by Pullman Standard Car Company
    Coaches built by St. Louis Car Company
    Coaches for Intercity Service

On request, we will assemble trainsets, including locomotives and specialty cars, as well as standard, single-level equipment. Also, by agreement, we will modify seating configuration, according to specification.

And, as additional information, we offer a separate page (some of which is commercial in nature), which has interesting links to other websites. Within, there are products and/or services that we feel are worthwhile. along with a short introductory narrative. Please take the time to peruse this page. As we discover more items worth mentioning, we will add to it.

    Resources and Links Page

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